Tay Family of Somerset

This tree has been completely revised due to the release of the parish records of Somerset online
and the opportunity to search them thoroughly for a more likely source of the Tay family than previously found.
The discovery of a baptism record for Hannah Tay in 1789 in Somerset
together with a brother James, who was a witness to her marriage, has
added certainty to the present tree being an accurate line of descent from Christopher Tay downwards.

The Church of St Peter at Camerton, Somerset plays a very important part in this family story.
From the index of names it is clear that most members were baptised or buried there.
Other local towns mentioned in this genealogy are associated with the parish, as
"The parish is part of the benefice of Timsbury with Priston, Camerton and Dunkerton within the deanery of Midsomer Norton." (ref Wikipedia)

The discovery of the baptism of Hannah's brother Joseph in 1790 confirms the accuracy of the tree, with many DNA relatives
descended from this branch.

The direct line to Libby Shade is
(1) Christopher Tay & Mary
(2) Samuel Tay & Hannah Huish
(3) Samuel Tay & Mary Kelson
(4) James Tay & Phebe Coombs
(5) Hannah Tay & Joseph Crew (GOES TO CREW TREE)
(6) Phoebe Crew & John Grierson (GOES TO GRIERSON TREE)
(7) John Grierson & Annie Elizabeth Burton
(8) John Burton Grierson & Margaret Elizabeth Sampson
(9) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle.

Recent Changes

Inclusion of Joseph Tay on generation 5 as full brother of Hannah, added 31 Jul 2023

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