Sommerset Family
Descendants of Thomas Sommerset and Elizabeth Dalton of Sudbury, Suffolk

"This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a regional name from the county of Somerset, deriving from the
Olde English pre 7th Century "Sumer(tun)saete" meaning dwellers at the summer settlement. During the Middle Ages
when it was increasingly common for people to migrate from their birthplace to seek work further afield the custom developed
that they would adopt the placename as a means of identification. The surname dates back to the early 13th Century.
Early recordings include: William de Somersete (1273) in the Hundred Rolls of Shropshire, and John de Somersete (1331)
in the Calendar of Inquisitiones, Wiltshire.

Variations in the spelling of the surname include: Somersett, Sommersett, Summerset, and Summersett."

It has not been possible to definitely identify the parents of Thomas Sommerset despite many others with this surname living in the area of Sudbury, Suffolk.

The direct line to Libby is:
(1) Thomas Sommerset and Elizabeth Dalton
(2) Dalton Sommerset and Hannah Mayhew
(3) Hannah Sommerset (Summersett) and James Southon (goes to SOUTHON tree))
(4) Mary Southon & James Serle (goes to SERLE tree)
(5) Walter Henry Serle & Kate Grocock
(6) Percival Serle & Dora Beatrice Hake
(7) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson (goes to GRIERSON tree).

Recent Changes

Addition of illegitimate daughter Jessie Trotter to Alice Trotter on generation 6 added 11 Feb 2023

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