William & Mary Sampson of Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, England

(possibly married in 1788)

The direct line to Libby is
(1) William Sampson & Mary Gulson (?)
(2) John Sampson & Mary Vann
(3) Gideon Sampson & Selina Gale
(4) Margaret Elizabeth Sampson & John Burton Grierson (Goes to GRIERSON tree)
(5) John Sampson Grierson & Katharine Beatrice Serle

Recent Changes

Details about Constance Gillmore on generation 5 added 27 Dec 2018

Photographs of John William Sampson, his parents and siblings on the photo page added 20 Oct 2018

Further considerations about the most distant ancestors on generation 1 added 14 Oct 2018

New details of Hurst descendants in the USA on generation 5 and generation 6 added 12 Mar 2018

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