Levesque Family

originating from the Normandy area of France.

The Levesque family were Huguenots and several branches of the family fled from France at the time of persecution.

Regrettably, it is now clear that
Janne Levesque and Isaac Poulain
on page 5 of this documentation
are not the direct ancestors of Fred Shade
through their daughter Jeanne Poulain.

Therefore this tree is not the ancestry of Fred Shade
but has been retained to help others.

This early and very interesting surname, popular throughout Europe, is of Ancient Greek, pre Christian, origins. It derives from the word "episkopos", translating as the overseer, from the elements "epi", meaning on or over, plus "skopein", to look. The early Christians adopted the word for the headman of their local communities, and from the 4th century a.d. it was applied to a religious leader. Derivatives of "episkopos" include for example "obispo", in Spanish, and "bischof" in German, and "yepiskop" in Russian.. However spelt, and there are over one hundred forms ranging from Bisp, Evesque and Vesque, to Vesco, Bischop, Yepiskopov, and Piscotti, the surname did not refer to a bishop as such. It was either occupational, and described somebody who served in the household of a bishop, or it was a nickname for a person who played the part of a bishop in the travelling theatres of the medieval period.

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That this tree is no longer the ancestry of Fred Shade 12 Jan 2023

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