The Dunsford Family
initially from Broad Clyst, Devon, England

The particular connection between sisters Ann Dunsford (LIGHTFOOT) and Agnes Dunsford (SERLE) on
generation 4 came to light when some cuttings referring to marriages within the Lightfoot family were found
in a diary belonging to Eliza Serle, granddaughter of Agnes Dunsford, in conjunction with the recent publication
of an article about Charles Lightfoot in Australia which described his Dunsford ancestry.

Investigation of these families, particularly the early Dunsford records at Broad Clyst, enabled this tree to be created.

A feature of this tree is the migration of William and Catharine Dunsford on generation 5 to Canada as members
of the Bible Christian Church. More information about this denomination is given on that page. Many missionaries
and families migrated to Canada, particular to Ontario, where William and Catharine went. They subsequently
had a large number of descendants in Canada.

Many members of this tree also migrated to Australia.

The direct line to Libby is (1) Thomas Dunsford
(2) Richard Dunsford & Agnes
(3) William Dunsford & Ann Nicks
(4) Agnes Dunsford & James Serle (goes to SERLE tree)
(5) James Serle & Mary Southon
(6) Walter Henry Serle & Kate Grocock
(7) Percival Serle & Dora Beatrice Hake
(8) Katharine Beatrice Serle & John Sampson Grierson.

Recent Changes

More information about children of Henry William Stannard and Harriett Payne on page 6 - two new daughters and 4 new grandchildren added 10 Dec 2014

More information about Cecily Mary Brown added to page 7 on 1 Sep 2014

Moving Joshua Lightfoot up to Mary Dunsford on page 4 and giving them 5 children (Mary, William, Ann Maria, John, Charles) modified 28 Jul 2011

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