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Will of Guillaume (William Henry) Cazaly, died 1824

In the Name of God Amen I the undersigned Guilhaume Cazaly late merchant domiciled in England at present residing on my domain of pied Bouquet within Canton of Sommieres in the district of Nimes and department of the Gard being by the grace of God in good health and of sound mind and desirous of availing myself of the benefit of the same of the fourteenth day of July 1819 do hereby declare the following to be my last will. I dispose by the present autograph will of the property which it has pleased God to bestow on me as follows. In the first place I give and bequeath to Anne Louise Cazaly born Duchemin my dear wife, the enjoyment of a moiety of the whole of the real and personal property which I poffess in ffrance without exception dispensing with all security on her part . I further bequeath unto her in complete property the capital of twelve hundred pounds sterling in the Navy five cent shares in the Bank of England in order that she might dispose thereof at her own will and pleasure in favour of any of her children. I moreover bequeath unto her the enjoyment during her life of the whole of the income arising from the Capital or Sum which I poffess in my name in the Books of the Bank or public funds in desire that my beloved wife do continue to during her life to pay to my eldest daughter Marie Anne Cazaly the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds sterling per annum. Secondly I give and bequeath unto my son and my three daughters to be divided in equal shares and proportions between them after my decease and that of my Wife the whole of the Real and personal property which I poffess in ffrance as also by me professed in England after they shall have respectively brought back what each of then hath already received as and by way of advancement on account of their inheritance. I prohibit Guilhaume Jean Cazaly from a free disposition of the Capital of such property as may devolve to him for his share in England restricting his right to income only without it being competent to him to sell the capital thereof. The said capital being by me bequeathed unto the lawful heirs. Such is my autograph will whereby I revoke my former testamentary dispositions so far as the same may be repugnant to these persons This done and written with my own hand at the domain of Pied Bouquet aforesaid the 11th day of the Month of April 1821 Signed Guilhaume Cazaly. I beseech in the name of God my dear children to live in peace and harmony in the fear of the lord in order to draw upon them the blessings of the Almighty. It is my sincere desire after my decease and the death of my dear wife in case of my domain of pied Bouquet having been sold that the same should be purchased by any of my children who may be in a situation to acquire it in order that the same may in order that the same may remain in my family. It is my will that after my decease and the decease of my beloved wife the sum of six hundred francs be given to the poor of Sommieres the sum of three hundred francs to the Protestant and three hundred franc to the Catholics. Done and Signed at the same time as the above will. Signed "Guilhaume Cazaly" I amend by the present codicil that article of my Will restricting my son with regard to what he is to inherit from me of the sums I poffess in the N=Bank of England he may consequently dispose thereof at his own free will and pleasure. Done at Pied Bouquet on 29th August 1822.

Registered at Nimes the second of December 1824 at folio one hundred and sixty four Recto division.

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Minutes of the Registry of the Court, 1824

Extracted from the Minutes of the Registry of the Court in the first place holding its sittings at Nimes for matters ( pro res ) verbal on the exhibition and description of the autograph will of the Sieur Guilhaume Cazaly before Monsieur Albaret Notary at Sommieres on Thursday the 2nd of December the year 1824 at ten o’clock in the forenoon. Before us (looks like) Jacques Guichet Esperandieu, Knight of the Royal Order of the Legion of Honour, president of the Court in the first resort holding its Sittings at Nimes acting in our hotel ( looks like) attended by Antoine Vig… principal Registrar of the Court , appeared Master Jacques Francois Etienne Albaret Royal Notary residing at Sommieres who declared to us that

The Sieur Guilhaume Cazaly late merchant domiciled in England residing on his domain of pied bouquet in the district of Sommieres within the jurisdiction of the court departed this life after having made this autograph will which was confided to Albaret by the relations of the deceased for the purpose of exhibiting the same to us praying that we would be pleased to grant Albaret an act of the exhibition made by him to us of the said will and proceed conformably to what is prescribed by the one thousand and seventh article of the Civil Code … The president aforesaid granted an act to Monsieur Albaret recording his appearance declarations exhibitions of the will in question and petitions and deciding thereon immediately proceeded to the description of the said will in manner following. The said will is written on a sheet of paper impressed with a stamp of one franc and twenty five cents and contained in the first two pages of the said sheet under the date of 11th of April 1821 . Signed Guilhaume Cazaly. Immediately after the said will and in the third page of the said sheet is a recommendation on the part of the testator to his children and containing a legacy of the sum of six hundred francs in favour of the poor protestants and catholics of Sommieres aforesaid. This addition also signed Guilhaume Cazaly states that it was made and signed at the same time as the will. Next following this addition is a codicil also signed Guilhaume Cazaly dated the 29th August 1822* whereby the testator revokes the restriction on the legacy bequeathed to his son and states that he may enjoy at his pleasure the sums which he is to inherit. The said will is genuine entire and without alteration and contains one intersertion of the word “the” … it is as above mentioned signed on each page and at the end. it contains several legacies in favour of Mrs Anne Louise Cazaly born Duchemin wife of the testator and his children which will duly Registered this day at folio 164 Divisions Two and three by and received five francs and fifty cents marked with the words “ ..Vig.. ( perhaps Viguer) and ordered the same to be deposited in the hands of the said Monsieur Albaret there present in person received the same and signed with us and the Registrar to serve as and by way of discharge.

Signed. Albaret , notary
Esperandieu, president
Vig… Registrar. Registered at Nimes the third day of Decembre 1824 folio 24 division first received three francs

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