Cazaly ~ The French Hospital

The French Hospital "La Providence" was founded in 1718 as a charity for poor Huguenot refugees. Collection of funds was supported by Charles II and Queen Mary, the wife of William III. According to its web site, the first La Providence was in Bath Street in the parish of St Luke's, Finsbury, London. There were 125 residents by 1723, and in the two hundreds for the next 70 years.

The Hospital later moved to Hackney, then near Horsham in Sussex, and after the second world war, to Rochester in Kent. It still operates a number of flats for older or needy people of Huguenot descent.

Several members of the Cazaly family applied for assistance to the Hospital.

Their web site includes information on the following topics:

  • The French Hospital in Rochester

  • History of the Huguenots

  • The Huguenot Society

The address of their web site is:

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