Descendants of the BICKLES of Tavistock and surrounding areas, Devon

The hypothesis is that the direct line to Fred Shade is
(1) George Bickle
(2) John Bickle
(3) John Bickle & Ann
(4) Robert Bickle & Elizabeth
(5) John Bickle & Mary
(6) John Bickle & Joan Herne
(7) Thomas Bickle & Grace Pellow
(8) William Bickle & Elizabeth Pengelly
(9) John Bickle & Sarah Pengelly
(10) Elizabeth Ann Bickle & James Bysouth (goes to BYSOUTH tree)
(11) Sarah Ann Bysouth & Alfred Thomas Johnson (goes to JOHNSON tree)
(12) Ada Eveline Johnson and Albert Shade (goes to SHADE tree)
(13) Albert Ernest Shade & Mary Beatrice Chapple

As described in the following pages, this line rests on several assumptions, and is open to discussion.

The following people have been very helpful in the development of this tree over many years:
Linda Nelson, OPC for Tavistock, Devon, who provided early data when it was not available online;
Eric Marshman, who prov
ided information about the earlier Bickle History as documented by Alan J.C.Taylor,
and the work of Alan J. C. Taylor itself, "Bickell of Milton Abbot" (no longer found online) which this tree references in many places.

Recent Changes

Complete revision of tree 16 Jan 2023

One version of the derivation of the name is as follows.
Recorded as Bickle, Bickell, Bickel and probably others, this is an English surname. It is chiefly to be found in the county of Devon,
and is a variant of Bickley. This is a locational name from places called Bickley in the county of Cheshire, recorded as "Bicheleia"
in the Domesday Book of 1086; in Worcestershire, appearing as "Bykeleg" in Worcestershire records; in Kent,
recorded as "Byckeleye" in the Feet of Fines in 1279; or Bickleigh in Devonshire, recorded as "Bichelia" in the Domesday Book.
These all share the same meaning and derivation, and translate as "Bicca's clearing". Early examples of the surname include
the marriage of Rychord Bickell in 1580 at Spreyton in Devonshire; the christening of Ede, daughter of William Bickle in April 1586,
at Hathesleigh, Devonshire; the marriage of Thomas Bickle and Jane Preste at Boyton, Cornwall, on November 27th 1598.
Thomas Bickel was granted a ticket to travel to the "Bermudes", aboard the sloop May Flower on April 7th 1679.
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